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Headquartered in Bahrain with international operations over three continents, Global Sourcing & Supply (GSS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the BMMI Group. GSS has evolved from a ship chandler for naval vessels to a globally diversified distribution and contract supply team, supported by an advanced integrated logistics capability operation. Operated through a platform of 7 countries in the MENA region, GSS now has the capability to provide flexible options in logistics and service delivery for numerous global Governments, NGOs and Industrial clients.
  GSS currently provides complete site support services and operations throughout Africa. Our range of services comprises, but is not limited to: catering, housekeeping, janitorial, laundry, full Camp Supply, retail, bars, recreation, operation & maintenance. GSS is fully committed to improving the quality of life of our global clients, their employees and their customers, through the procurement, provision and mobilisation of high quality services in difficult tactical environments and scenarios.


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